domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Letter to a dolphin!

Dear Dolphin,

When I was a kid I looked at the ocean and believed I could talk to the turtles and the fish, I watched Flipper and in my innocent heart I believed he(she) smiled all the time. I cheered for him to safe lives and swim fast. Now I know the truth and can not imagine what it must have been like for Flipper to live day by day in such a pain and with a broken heart. Now I have seen the truth and I have witnessed the missery this beatiful sentient beings have to go through.

My friend, I can promise you not all humans are like this, I can promise you that some of us can hear you cry!

I admire your courage as not to give in to evil, I admire your kindness and the innocence held in your heart. I have seen the people torture you and kill your baby before you but I have never seen rage or anger nor hate or vengance in your eyes.
I have seen pitty and sadness when you looked to the killers face, I have seen it also when the jailer tells you to go and jump high again.

I can only say I respect you for all what you are, not only beauty comes to my mind but also serenity and a clash of love.

You have a lot of people that loves you with all their hearts and I am sure you can feel it, mostly when you are in the drive. And I apologize deeply if we have failed to safe your life, but I promise you that we are trying really hard to make the world remember you were out there with your baby giving a hell of a fight.

I am sure you are in a better place now, no one will ever chase you or harm your heart. I can imagine all the babies enjoying the waves and the sun, lots of sardines to eat and lots of calamari to catch.
I know this wont fix what they have done to you, I know this wont set you free but I just wanted you to know that there is a lot of us here sending you all our love.
Your wounds are now gone and you may be resting in peace, and everywhere there is a song playing just for you, a surfer honoring you on a wave and many many children telling the world THAT THIS MUST END.

And for those sweet dolphins that shall pass this waters next year; You will probably hear a bang someday, a disturbing roar in your head, please just listen to me, do not be afraid of crossing that wall, baby, just go for it and swim away.

Now I will finish by saying that I will remember you everyday, and please when you are scared with the noise, the rocks, the claps, the cages, the whistles, or the nets.....JUST THINK OF US AND OUR LOVE AND THAT SOON IT ALL WILL GO AWAY.

With love,


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